HR For Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions usually have a huge impact on a company's workforce, bringing large-scale change to the business and culture.

Ensuring pragmatic Human Resources frameworks are put in place is essential to the success of a sale or merger. A succinct and effective strategy will serve to retain key talent, disseminate information as needed throughout the organisation, and set the enterprise up for a successful transaction.

A balanced and well-thought-out strategy for integration and retention, as well as solutions to monitor and encourage employee engagement is essential and will help small and medium businesses navigate the people aspect of merger and acquisition activity, providing pivotal support to people leaders and employees throughout the process.

Start Up Support & Upscale Support

Start Ups And Scale Ups

Creating and implementing effective people plans for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups, setting enterprises up early for success by creating the Human Resources foundations upon which the business can grow. The decision in relation to the fundamental principles such as organisational design, remuneration structures, and the core HR policies and procedures for the current and future business needs is fundamental and should not be delayed. Building a culture aligned to the founder's aspirations is essential when considering the people aspect of a business; driving retention and engagement and attracting valuable talent.

Talent acquisition is an essential part of an effective HR framework to ensure the right people join the team to grow the business, creating frameworks that proactively seek candidates from a variety of places to build the best possible team for your business.

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Supporting Leaders & Employees

Supporting Leaders & Employees

Providing support to people leaders within the company, enabling them to effectively support their teams through a changing workplace environment continues well post the execution of the deal. Implementing employee engagement and communications strategies to proactively monitor and address potential issues.

A strong internal communication and engagement plan is key, ensuring employees feel a sense of security and fortitude when facing changes to their work routine. Providing support for employees' physical and mental health can be especially important during times of change, and businesses must ensure their strategies are effective and pragmatic. Implementing effective support structures will lead to greater talent retention and productivity throughout, especially in a changing work environment.

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Preparing a business for sale

Preparing A Business For Sale

There are many Human Resources considerations to take into account when preparing a business for sale. Decisions concerning the inclusion of talent who are essential for a successful sale need to be made and managed. Putting in place internal strategies to monitor employee engagement and effectively disseminate information is essential, as is a well-thought-out and properly implemented plan to address questions and concerns employees and leaders have throughout the process. Support for people in leadership positions during this process is crucial as they will need to lead their people and themselves personally through the change journey.

Finally, and importantly preparation for and management of the due diligence process will often have a significant people aspect and require planning and preparation.

Deal Negotiation

Deal Negotiation

Defining and negotiating the people aspect of the deal including commercial and execution considerations associated with talent retention and integration is essential to executing a successful deal. Assessing and navigating cultural alignment through negotiating the deal is critical. Talent retention should be considered and incorporated in the deal, as well as the support systems required to assist retained talent through the transition.

Integration Issues In Mergers & Acquisitions

People & Culture Integration Post Merger

Integration post-merger involves business strategies and priorities, systems, infrastructure and importantly culture. All of these have a significant impact on the people in the business. Cultural integration is the most important part of a successful merger, as it is essential to retain talent and ensure the commercials of the deal are realised. Ensuring all employees are given the necessary support and guidance to succeed within new structures and navigate a shifting workplace culture. New policies and structures must be implemented to ensure employees and team leaders are equipped with the resources they need to thrive within a changing environment and adapt to new roles and responsibilities.

Deal Execution

Deal Execution

The execution of the deal can run over weeks or months, requiring specific people strategies to retain talent and keep the business running through to deal closure. Building communications and engagement plans to support and inform employees through the process across all organisational levels as needed, as well as providing support to people in leadership positions to better guide their subordinates through the changes. It is important to focus on delivering appropriate targeted communications to alleviate unnecessary anxiety and engage employees in the change. Managing the wind-down of the operations of a business requires a different people perspective to providing support and mitigating commercial and reputational risks.

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