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The people strategy for start-up and upscale businesses is a critical part of the business plan.

Start Up Support

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Strategic and proactive planning with deliberate execution of the people aspects of a new business is core to its long-term success. It takes more than a vision to make a new business successful.

Many external factors influence the ultimate success of a new business and some of these falls into the people and culture space. But many factors are in the control of the leaders including the culture you want to base the foundations of your business upon that aligned to the Founder’s aspirations and translating to tangible actions that set the business up for the long term.

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There are fundamental early decisions to be made in respect to organisational structure, one that is fit for the early start up stage but is flexible to evolve as the business grows. Determining the baseline remuneration principles at an early stage is also important to align with the desired culture and attract the right talent. Again, flexibility to evolve as the business does is key.

As soon as a business starts employing people there are core HR policies and processes required for legislative compliance but also to support alignment with the business and cultural plans.

Upscale Support

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Whether your business is scaling up as a result of organic growth, a merger with another business, or an acquisition of another business there will be an increased need to focus on the people and culture aspects of your business associated with the level of complexity and in some scenarios, sophistication required for the medium to long term.

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Are you looking for Start-Up Support or Upscale Support for your business?

Attracting the right talent for your business is essential whether in start-up or if scaling up a business. There are key roles that should be prioritised in the context of your organisation design and cultural aspirations.

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