HR Services & Solutions

Providing support across all areas of Human Resources, borne from extensive experience and success across a range of industry sectors and with organisations at different stages of their life cycle.

Building and enhancing the frameworks that support employees through their life cycle within an organisation, from talent attraction and acquisition strategies, onboarding, retaining and developing talent, organisational change including M&A activity, general engagement and wellbeing, and leadership coaching and succession.

Providing pragmatic solutions for SMEs and other enterprises to add value and mitigate risks through professional advice designed to fill gaps within the existing structures. Setting enterprises up for success through their people to deliver for their customers in a challenging external environment.

HR Audit Reports & Services

Reviewing the existing HR framework including evaluating the current policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance and efficiency in all areas, including legal, health and safety, commercial, reputational and employee value proposition. An audit can also provide the opportunity to streamline current HR procedures as well as implementing measures to maximise efficiency and evaluate how HR is meeting the organisational needs. Embedding the right framework serves to support talent retention, mitigate risk, and set SMEs up for success.

Company Restructuring

Organisational restructures to align more closely with the business strategy and external environment is critical to ensure that businesses remain competitive in an ever-changing world. Utilising our extensive experience in organisational change we offer pragmatic solutions to your business whether it be to transition a business to a new way of working or changing the organisational structure to be fit for purpose. Whatever the change is, implementing communication and employee engagement strategies to set the businesses up to successfully navigate a changing work culture is challenging, but effectively planning for organisational change, including supporting people in leadership positions will set the business up well to deliver a successful change program.

Covid-19 How to Manage Work From Home Employees

During these times leaders need to be responsible for supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. In order to optimise productivity in a work from the home environment, a different way of working is required with different leadership practices. Communication and employee engagement strategies need to be aligned to the social environment and many businesses will need to manage organisational change and restructuring as a result of the pandemic. Planning for the new way of working post the pandemic needs to be proactive and acknowledge that there will often be new ways of working.

HR Policies & HR Processes

Reviewing, creating, and implementing HR frameworks and practices that align with a business’ culture and needs is essential. Compliance from a legal and regulatory perspective is not optional, the real value add comes from how we add to the employee value proposition. Communication strategies and plans should work across the business, the desired a transparent culture to drive performance and engagement. Supporting the HR framework from the Board level down, delivers pragmatic solutions to meet the needs of the business and their customers.

DISC Assessment Tool

Accredited to deliver the DISC Assessment Tool that can be leveraged to support recruitment or improve communication, teamwork, and efficiency in the workplace. Individual testing, pair debrief sessions, or team workshops can identify working styles, behaviours, and communication styles in order to optimise employees’ contribution to the business and support employee engagement. DISC provides leaders with a greater understanding of employees’ intangible attributes, paving the way for better communication, collaboration, and engagement.

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Staff Reward & Staff Retention Strategies

Review current strategies and plans in line with business plans, ensuring talent retention and performance. Undertaking regular employee check-ins through formal employee engagement surveys or more informal mechanisms to identify any real and potential issues is essential. Implementation of reward programs and incentive structures to reward performance engagement and talent retention.

Workforce Planning

Planning for the future capability of your workforce is essential as the capability you have now may not be what you need for the future. Talent mapping and pipelining for current and new capability requirements can create career pathways for existing employees or identify capabilities that cannot be developed organically. Strategic and practical succession planning serves as a risk mitigator and a tool to develop and retain talent.

Leadership Coaching

Providing support and guidance for leaders within the company to reach their personal best within their role, encouraging growth and reflection, and providing valuable advice and guidance in leading their teams. Coaching leaders to develop and maintain a positive workplace culture, ensuring employee engagement and business performance.

Employee Wellbeing

Implementing systems to support the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, including reviewing what is currently in place and developing new initiatives that are fit for purpose. Transparent and engaging communications is an ongoing leadership responsibility that requires planning and appropriate positioning to engage and drive employee alignment to the business plans.

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