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Working with SMEs and corporates to optimise their performance through their people, with a focus on merger & acquisition scenarios.

About Us

About Us

Elizabeth Beacham

Beacham HR Consulting possesses extensive experience and broad knowledge across all areas of Human Resources and specialises in creating and implementing pragmatic people and culture solutions for small and medium enterprises to fit each company’s individual needs.

Our HR Consultants can provide anything from high-level strategic input to general support, all built for purpose with the individual business’s needs in mind, offering services across a broad spectrum of Human Resources and people management disciplines. By providing valuable insight and resources we aim to assist in the building and implementation of successful HR frameworks that support the goals and core values of an organisation.

Solutions & Services

HR Services & Solutions

Working across a wide variety of disciplines, our team of HR Consultants provide support to small and medium enterprises in creating and implementing effective HR solutions and frameworks.

Our services also include assisting in talent management, guiding on succession planning, talent mapping and pipelining for current employees. We also create pragmatic communication and engagement plans to support talent retention, productivity, and a strong internal and external employee value proposition.

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HR For Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions can severely impact employee engagement as they navigate a changing work culture post-merger, which is why it is essential to implement systems that support integration at every level. Cultural integration is the most important part of a successful merger, which is why designing effective strategies is crucial. A well-rounded approach to work culture integration will help retain key talent and realise the benefits of the transaction.

Start Up and Scale Ups

Start Up Support & Upscale Support

We have assisted many start-ups and scale-up businesses in navigating and building effective HR frameworks that set the venture up for success. This includes planning for health and safety by creating effective systems and procedures that ensure all standards are met, as well as introducing and implementing systems for assessing and following up on employees' physical and mental wellbeing.

Supporting Leaders and Employees

Leadership Support & Employee Support

Leadership Support is an essential part of any successful business. Your leaders need to be able to navigate any obstacles with confidence. Employee Support can range anywhere from simple needs through to unforeseen circumstances. Discover how Beacham HR Consulting takes the uncertainty out of the equation for you.

Preparing for a Business Sale

Preparing for a Business Sale

Talent retention and integration should be considered and outlined when preparing a business for sale in order to effectively negotiate the best outcome for the enterprises involved, ensuring the retention of key talent to keep both businesses running at peak capacity post-merger.

Deal Negotiations

Deal Negotiations

Our team has considerable experience with assisting enterprises of all sizes through merger & acquisition activities from a people and culture perspective. This includes preparing businesses for sale, identifying key talent and negotiating the people aspects of the deal negotiation.

People Integration Post Sale / Merger

Integration Issues In Mergers & Acquisitions

Deal Execution

Deal Execution

Our team of Human Resource Consultants has decades of experience, having assisted a range of small and medium enterprises in all areas of Human Resources management, including supporting businesses post-merger to ensure retention of key talent and successful integration, performing an extensive HR audit of a diversified energy company, overseeing the people aspects of the acquisition of a large banking business in Australia and New Zealand, transitioning and integrating employees into the business, helping Financial Treasury businesses with their start-up activities, as well as assisting numerous companies in wind-down functions, strategic planning and global integration.

Confidential Advice & Questions

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